Shrink football leagues to increase competition

David Conn’s five reforms to save football are all logical and sound (Sport, 22 April). But the fact remains that fans and broadcasters relish the drama, thrills, highs and lows that promotions and relegations provide. Increasing English leagues from four to five and expanding membership from 92 to 96 league clubs would mean smaller leagues, a Premier League of 16 clubs and four Football Leagues (Championship, Leagues One, Two and Three) of 20 clubs each. This reduction of clubs in each league would increase promotion and relegation and help to avoid league fixture congestion. It would also create more time for elite clubs to develop a more meaningful midweek pan‑European competition without owners and managers complaining of fixture congestion.

It is important that the football clubs and authorities initiate change themselves, thus eliminating the need for Boris Johnson’s “legislative bomb”, which all football supporters know is about as likely as the prime minister scoring a goal for any club in the land.